Down and feathers

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Piórko we have 30 years’ experience in goose and duck down and feathers production. Both materials are some of the best duvet and pillow fillings. There’s more to it, because they can be used for sleeping bags and jackets. Moreover, we also offer washed and unwashed materials from chamber I, chamber II and chamber III. The feathers are sorted by size; therefore, we are able to obtain a 2-4 cm, 4-6 cm or even longer feather length. What is more, we also have six sorting lines and one Lorch washing line.

Feathers or down?

For years these two resources have been commonly mistaken or treated as one and the same. In fact, the differences between these two are very big. They concern such features as fluffiness or softness and their properties.

Down is a natural raw material from waterfowl, most commonly ducks and geese. It is distinguished by its exceptional lightness, airiness, and softness. Moreover, it has three-dimensional, hooked fibres which provide maximum comfort; therefore, it ensures the highest thermal parameters and, additionally, high air circulation. As a result, such duvets and pillows absorb moisture perfectly and at the same time retain heat and even adjust to body temperature.

Feather is also a raw material from waterfowl used for quilts and pillows production, however, it is characterized by a slightly different structure. Feathers are also very soft, however heavier and less resilient than down. It perfectly adapts to the shape of the body. Such a pillow regains its natural shape under pressure, guaranteeing ideal neck support.

Goose or duck down?

We offer two attractive variants of Polish down – duck and goose. We also have Ukrainian poultry feathers. However, each of them has different characteristics and properties. For example, goose down is considered to be one of the best fillings on the market. Duvets and pillows made with this high-quality fill are an investment for many years to come. In addition, it is much more resilient and softer. Duck, on the other hand, is characterized by worse thermal parameters, although it is also much cheaper.

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