We use high-class Polish ducks and geese for meat.

Our clients can expect only the top-level services. As a valued manufacturer of duvets and pillows, we use only the highest quality filling in our products. We use down from:

  • white goose

  • grey goose

  • white duck

  • grey duck

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Our down feathers manufacturing company can prepare and deliver a product according to custom specifications.

We will make every effort to make our cooperation effective and pleasant. The duvets and pillows filled with our down are extremely soft and light. Duck or goose feathers store a lot of air pockets which act as layers that insulate and trap heat that provide the highest thermal comfort even on cold nights. At the same time, the material and the covers that we use guarantee air circulation and allow the skin to breathe. Bed linen does not retain moisture. The sterilization of the bedding and the use of advanced fibres ensures safety even of allergy sufferers. As a result, our products meet the highest hygienic standards.













Piórko - manufacturer of goose down feathers

The blend made of carefully selected materials makes it the perfect bedding filling. The characteristic structure works perfectly as a duvet filling. The duvets we manufacture have a great impact on the sleep quality. They provide a very high level of sleep comfort, whereas the aesthetic appearance makes them look elegant on a bedroom bed.

Goose down pillows from the manufacturer

Carefully selected filling guarantees good sleep. The pillows we offer are extremely resilient and at the same time, very warm and soft. Due to their properties, they conform to the shape of your body, and thus offer the perfect support for the neck, the shoulders, and the head.

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